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Premier General and Colorectal Surgery Houston TX | Woodlands TXI have been Dr. Kim's biggest fan since the day I met him. Not only was his surgical work top notch, but his bedside manner went above and beyond my expectations. I went into each procedure with utmost confidence that I was in the most capable hands. I have not experienced any complications that are prevalent with the procedures Dr. Kim performed on me, and I firmly believe that is a testimony to his skill. Dr. Kim was always up front and honest with me about every aspect of my condition. I took comfort in the fact that all of my questions had been answered, and I knew exactly what to expect from the procedure.

- Brandon Day

Dr. Kim has helped me through colorectal cancer. His surgical talent is the best you can get. He has continued to treat me after the original surgery for conditions resulting from radiation. His skills communicating with his patient have been excellent answering all my questions with encouragement and compassion. He is the best.


Joyce Royster


In July 2012 by accident thru a doctor visit for a totally unrelated illness, my doctor discovered a large tumor in my colon the size of a baseball and rushed me to emergency surgery.

Not by chance but thru the Grace of God, my doctor picked Dr. Kim to do the surgery before I had time to think about it in the heat of the battle with in hours I was in and out of major surgery.

I was so impressed with Dr Kim that I have made him my doctor of choice for life. He is recognized through out medical field as one of the best in the state and country. He is recognized in several medical publications.

More importantly is Dr. Kim's personal touch. When you are in the fight of your life for your life you need answers, you need to be in the loop and know what's going on.

Dr. Kim went above and beyond. He was never out of reach always valuable to answer any question and give updates.

His staffs are always there to assist with any and all matters. In surgery, there are protocols that have to be followed. Dr. Kim went far beyond those and the steps that he took were lifesaving. Other doctors were also assigned to my case in different fields were amazed and share with me their amazement of how Dr. Kim handle the case.

And the most touching part was when I was told that his 8 year old son prayed for me. I am a man of faith, I believe God in on the throne and chose Dr. Kim to do mu surgery so he could us him as his instrument to heal me. I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone and I thank God for him.

-Michael K. Edwards


My name is Shirley M. Thomas.  In November 2012, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I am grateful I chose Dr. Kim to perform my colon resection surgery.

Dr. Kim is blessed with knowledge, skill, dedication, and human interest to his profession. He is kind and takes time to explain everything in detail before and after the procedure. Thanks to all the above, I made a remarkable recovery.

Dr. Kim and his staff are a professional yet a very considerate group. You can rest assured of receiving the most excellent service possible.


With deep appreciation



My name is Christie Brown, I had emergency surgery on January 28th, 2012 for an abscess of the rectum. Dr Kim was assigned to be my surgeon he did wonders with me. I loved how the day after surgery he made time to stop and check on me in the hospital. Another doctor had come to see me and said that I need to go back in to surgery I was terrified. However Dr Kim assured me he did a great job and there was no need for another operation. I have been following up with him every two weeks since and I could not ask for a better doctor. He is amazing, very kind and sweet and takes time to listen to his patients. Any time I have a worry or concern all I have to do is call him and he calls me back personally, I can tell that he cares about his patients. I am almost done with my post surgery appointments and hope I won’t have to come back as often but I would recommend Dr Kim to anyone who asks me. He is great at what he does and is a great person to get to know. I hope my words will inspire anyone looking for a rectal doctor to most definitely call Dr Kim.

-Christie Brown

Finding Dr. Kim was a happy confluence of circumstances. We didn’t know a surgeon in our area, and Dr. Kim was not only recommended by our family doctor, he was on call when we had to go to the emergency room. So when I had to make the decision to have gall bladder surgery, I was aware of his calm demeanor and his qualifications. During the pre-operative consultation, Dr. Kim was so good about explaining everything involved in the surgery – not only the expected benefits, but also the possible complications. I am a “visual” person. I like to see pictures. And Dr. Kim showed me exactly what was involved in the surgery, and told me what to expect afterwards.

I have to say that it’s really the first day surgery I have had that went so well or so quickly. Dr. Kim came in when I first woke up after the anesthesia wore off and said, “You won’t remember this, but it was textbook surgery.” But I DID remember! And it truly was “textbook” surgery. I had surgery at 7:30 am, and was home in my own bed before noon. And I felt well enough to sit up and watch the evening news. The next day, I was out and about.

I discovered later that my husband and Dr. Kim had had a long talk right after the surgery, when Dr. Kim had told him exactly what to expect post-surgery, and what to look for in the way of problems. My husband said Dr. Kim was patient and kind, and answered all his questions completely. And I can definitely state that when I went back for my post-operative consultation, Dr. Kim was very careful to answer fully all my questions, and to ask a few of his own to make sure I was healing normally. And Dr. Kim doesn’t “discharge” patients…he “graduates” them. What a GOOD idea! And how thoughtful considering the different connotations of those two words.

It is very refreshing to deal with people who seem to genuinely want to provide service to their patient/customers. My husband and I can fully and confidently recommend Dr. Kim to anyone needing colorectal surgery or general surgery. He’s a fine surgeon, and truly a nice man. And he has a great staff.

-Dea Van Patten


Dear Dr Kim,

It's been seven months now since you performed very extensive major surgery on me which involved my lower digestive system. You reversed the poor results which I suffered for about 16 months from a previous surgery performed by another surgeon. I've recovered and can't praise you enough.


This endorsement represents my thanks and deep appreciation both for your surgical talents as well as for the great outcome from the three different(but related) procedures undertaken.



Richard Werlein






















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